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연번 발행년월 논문제목 / 저자 / 볼륨 / 링크
40 2017.05 Robust Nanogenerators Based on Graft Copolymers via Control of Dielectrics for Remarkable Output Power Enhancement

Jae Won Lee, Hye Jin Cho, Jinsung Chun, Kyeong Nam Kim, Seongsu Kim, Chang Won Ahn, Ill Won Kim, Ju-Young Kim, Sang-Woo Kim, Changduk Yang,* and Jeong Min Baik*

Science Advances, 3, e1602902


39 2017.06 Electric-Field Induced Abrupt and Multi-Step Insulator-Metal Transitions in Vanadium Dioxide Nanobeams

Servin Rathi, Inyeal Lee, Jeong Min Baik, Gil-Ho Kim*

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 17(6), 4247-4250(4)


38 2017.03 Programmed dielectrophoretic assembly of Pd nanoparticles for conductance control in VO2 nanowires

Servin Rathi, Youngreal Kwak, Li Jing, Kyung Soo Yi, Jeong Min Baik, Gil-Ho Kim*

Current Applied Physics,17(3), 351-357


37 2017.03 Recent progress in the development of effective dielectrics for high-output triboelectric nanogenerator

Jae Won Lee, Byeong Uk Ye, and Jeong Min Baik*

APL Materials,5, 073802-073811


36 2017.04 Amine-Based Passivating Materials for Enhanced Optical Properties and Performance of Organic–Inorganic Perovskites in Light-Emitting Diodes

Seungjin Lee, Jong Hyun Park, Bo Ram Lee, Eui Dae Jung, Jae Choul Yu, Daniele Di Nuzzo, Richard H. Friend and Myoung Hoon Song*

J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 8,(8) 1784-1792

35 2017.04 Wearable Smart Sensor Systems Integrated On Soft Contact Lenses For Wireless Ocular Diagnostics

Joohee Kim, Minji Kim, Mi-Sun Lee, Kukjoo Kim, Sangyoon Ji, Yun-Tae Kim, Jihun Park, Kyungmin Na, Kwi-Hyun Bae, Hong Kyun Kim, Franklin Bien*, Chang Young Lee*, and Jang-Ung Park*

 Nature Communications,8, 14997


34 2017.04 High Dielectric Performances of Flexible and Transparent Cellulose Hybrid Films Controlled by Multi-dimensional Metal Nanostructures

Sangyoon Ji, Jiuk Jang, Eunjin Cho, Si-Hoon Kim, Eun-Seok Kang, Jihoon Kim, Han-Ki Kim, Hoyoul Kong, Sun-Kyung Kim, Ju-Young Kim, Jang-Ung Park*

Advanced Materials, 29(24), 1700538


33 2017.03 An Annulative Synthetic Strategy for Building Triphenylene Frameworks by Multiple C-H Bond Activations

Bijoy P. Mathew, Hyun Ji Yang, Joohee Kim, Jae Bin Lee, Yun-Tae Kim, Sungmin Lee, Chang Young Lee, Wonyoung Choe, Kyungjae Myung, Jang-Ung Park*, Sung You Hong*

Angewandte Chemie, Online published


32 2016.10 Boosted Output Performance of Triboelectric Nanogenerator via Electric Double Layer Effect

 Jinsung Chun, Byeong Uk Ye, Jae Won Lee, Dukhyun Choi, Chong-Yun Kang, Sang-Woo Kim, Zhong Lin Wang, and Jeong Min Baik*

Nature Communications, 7, 12985-12993

31 2017.04 3D-Printabla, Highly Conductive Hybrid Composite Employing Chemically-Reinforced, Complex Dimentional Fillers and Thermoplastic Triblock Copolymers

Yejin Jo, Ju Young Kim, So-Yun Kim, Yeong-Hui Seo, Kwang-Suk Jang, Su Yeon Lee, Sungmook Jung, Beyong-Hwan Ryu, Hyun-Suk Kim, Jang-Ung Park*, Youngmin Choi*, Sunho Jeong*

Nanoscale, 16, 5072-5084


30 2017.02 Effect of the solvent used for fabrication of perovskite films by solvent dropping on performance of perovskite light-emitting diodes

Jae Choul Yu, Dae Woo Kim, Da Bin Kim, Eui Dae Jung, Ki-Suk Lee, Sukbin Lee,Daniele Di Nuzzo, Ji-Seon Kimc and Myoung Hoon Song*

Nanoscale, 9(5), 2088–2094(2017)


29 2017.03 Integrated Arrays of Air-Dielectric Graphene Transistors as Transparent, Active-Matrix Pressure Sensors for Wide Pressure Ranges

Sung-Ho Shin, Sangyoon Ji, Seiho Choi, Kyoung-Hee Pyo, Byeong Wan An, Jihun Park, Joohee Kim, Ju-Young Kim, Ki-Suk Lee, Soon-Yong Kwon, Jaeyeong Heo, Byong-Guk Park and Jang-Ung Park*,

 Nature Communications, 8, 14950 (2017).

28 2016 Stretchable, Transparent Electrodes as Wearable Heaters Using Nanotrough Networks of Metallic Glasses with Superior Mechanical Properties and Thermal Stability
yeong Wan An, Eun-Ji Gwak, Kukjoo Kim, YoungCheon Kim, Jiuk Jang, Ju-Young Kim, and Jang-Ung Park
Nano Letters   16 (1), 471-478
27 2016 High-Performance, Flexible and Robust Metal Nanotrough-Embedded Transparent Conducting Film for Wearable Touch Screen Panels
Hyeon-Gyun Im, Byeong Wan An, Jungho Jin, Junho Jang, Young-Geun Park, Jang-Ung Park*, and Byeong-Soo Bae*
Nanoscale   8 (7), 3916-3922
26 2016 Graphene-Based Wireless Environmental Gas Sensor on PET Substrate
Kyungmin Na, Hyung-Gun Ma, Jihun park, Junho Yeo, Jang-Ung Park, Franklin Bien
IEEE Sensors Journal   16, 5003-5009
25 2016 Fully-integrated, Bezel-less Transistor Arrays Using Reversibly Foldable Interconnects and Stretchable Origami Substrates
Mijung Kim, Jihun Park, Sangyoon Ji, Sung-Ho Shin, So-Yun Kim, Young-Cheon, Kim, Ju-Young Kim*, Jang-Ung Park*
Nanoscale   8, 9504 - 9510
24 2016 Wearable, Wireless Gas Sensors Using Highly Stretchable and Transparent Structures of Nanowires and Graphene
Jihun Park, Joohee Kim, Kukjoo Kim, So-Yun Kim, Woon Hyung Cheong, Kyeongmin Park, Joo Hyeb Song, GyeongHo Namgoong, Jae Joon Kim, Jaeyoung Heo, Franklin Bien*, Jang-Ung Park*
Nanoscale   8, 10591-10597
23 2016 Newly-Designed Cu/Cu10Sn3 Core/Shell Nanoparticles for Liquid Phase-Photonic Sintered Copper Electrodes: Large-Area, Low-Cost Transparent Flexible Electronics
Sang-Jin Oh, Tae Gon Kim, So-Yun Kim, Yejin Jo, Sun Sook Lee, Kukjoo Kim, Beyong-Hwan Ryu, Jang-Ung Park*, Youngmin Choi*, Sunho Jeong*
Chemistry of Materials   26 (13), 4714-4723
22 2016 Tin-doped indium oxide films for highly flexible transparent conducting electrodes
Hee Jung Park*, Joohee Kim, Jong Han Won, Gyoung Soon Choi, Yun Tak Lim, Jae Soo Shin, Jang-Ung Park*
Thin Solid Films   615, 8 - 12
21 2016 Photo-patternable and Transparent Films Using Cellulose Nanofibers for Stretchable, Origami Electronics
Sangyoon Ji, Byung Gwan Hyun, Kukjoo Kim, Sang Yun Lee, Si-Hoon Kim, Ju-Young Kim, Myoung Hoon Song*, Jang-Ung Park*
NPG Asia Materials   8, e299
20 2016 Nanomaterial-based stretchable and transparent electrodes
Kukjoo Kim, Byung Gwan Hyun, Jiuk Jang, Eunjin Cho, Young-Geun Park, Jang-Ung Park*
Journal of Information Display
19 2016 High-Resolution, Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing of Stretchable, Metal Oxide Semiconductor Transistors with High Performances
So-Yun Kim, Kukjoo. Kim, Young Hwan Hwang, Jihun Park, Jiuk Jang, Yoonyong Nam, Yesung Kang, Minji Kim, Hyo Ju Park, Zonghoon Lee, Jaehyouk Choi, Youngmin Kim, Sunho Jeong, Byeong-Soo Bae* and Jang-Ung Park*
Nanoscale   8, 17113-17121
18 2017.02 Multi-dimensional Carbon Nanofibers for Supercapacitor Electrodes

Byung Gwan Hyun, Hye Jeong Son, Sangyoon Ji, Jiuk Jang, Seung-Hyun Hur*, and Jang-Ung Park*
Journal of Electroceramics, 38(1), 43-50


17 2016.01 High Efficient Inverted Bulk-Heterojunction Solar Cells with a Gradiently-Doped ZnO Layer
Sungho Nho, Gyoelim Baek, Bo Ram Lee, Myung Joo Cha, Dong Chan Lim, Jung Hwa Seo, Seung-Hwan Oh, Myoung Hoon Song, and Shinuk Cho*
Energy & Environmental Science   9, 240-246
16 2016.04 High-Performance Perovskite Light-emitting Diodes via Morphological Control of Perovskite Film
Jae Choul Yu1, Da Bin Kim1, Eui Dae Jung, Bo Ram Lee, and Myoung Hoon Song*
Nanoscale   8, 7036-7042
15 2016.08 Improving the Stability and Performance of Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes by Thermal Annealing Treatment
Jae Choul Yu, Dae Woo Kim, Da Bin Kim, Eui Dae Jung, Jong Hyun Park, Ah-Young Lee, Bo Ram Lee Daniele Di Nuzzo, Richard H. Friend and Myoung Hoon Song*
Advanced Material   82, 6906-6913
14 2016.08 Photo-patternable and Transparent Films Using Cellulose for Stretchable, Origami Electronics
Sangyoon Ji, Byung Gwan Hyun, Kukjoo Kim, Sang Yun Lee, Si-Hoon Kim, Seiho Choi, Ju-Young Kim, Myoung Hoon Song*, Jang-Ung Park*
NPG Asia Material   8, e299
13 2016.07 Large Pulsed Electron Beam Welded Percolation
Jisoo Kim1, Yun Suk Nam1, Myoung Hoon Song*, Hyung Wook Park*
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces   8, 20938-20945
12 2016.09 Improved Performance of Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes Using PEDOT:PSS and MoO3 Composite Layers
Da Bin Kim,‡ Jae Choul Yu,‡ Yun Suk Nam, Dae Woo Kim, Eui Dae Jung, Sang Yun Lee, Seungjin Lee, Jong Hyun Park, Ah-Young Lee, Bo Ram Lee, Daniele Di Nuzzo, Richard H. Friend, and Myoung Hoon Song*
Journal of Material Chemistry C   4, 8161-8165
11 2016.01 Optical Design of ZnO-based Antireflective Layers for Enhanced GaAs Solar Cell Performance
Hye Jin Lee, Jae Won Lee, Hee Jun Kim, Dae-Han Jung, Ki-Suk Lee, Sang Hyeon Kim, Dae-myeong Geum, Chang Zoo Kim, Won Jun Choi,* and Jeong Min Baik*
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics   18, 2906-2912